“Kuch karma zaroori hai kya? Why cannot you be content to see what is happening around you? And anyway, what have you done so far that you think you can make a difference?” said one. “One person’s will or wanting it does not really matter when we are 6 billion of us clubbed together sharing the same resources,” said another. And that’s what it boils down to: Those who care, those who don’t and those who pretend they don’t give a damn. We’ve just reached the 60-years-of-Indepedence landmark; and yet some things really make me wonder if that figure means anything at all. Both good and bad things. We cannot answer if one person can make a difference. You see, because usually, for one person to make ANY difference, he/she needs MORE PEOPLE behind them. This is one start, hoping more would join.

In the time of superheroes, this country needs a Hero.

We are not it. We are the anti-heroes. Show allegiance, join in, we need more people to write here. Whenever you want to, or talk and share stories. A course in writing or workshop is not needed, just a will and a want are. Don’t send friend requests. We don’t care for friends. But we care for ideas. It is our country, and yours; and we are not bothered about those who don’t care. Yet

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Give Your Old Tee

Are you a Citizen or a Shitizen?: Save this picture, print it out and distribute amongst friends or in book stores to spread the word! THOSE WHO WANT TO MAIL IN STORIES, INSIGHTS, VIEWS OR PICTURES ON INDIA FOR THIS BLOG, MAIL AT: theindiancitizens@gmail.com

The use of the term 'shitizen' is not to disrespect India or our countrymen; however, each time we as a Citizen forget our duties, we become a Shitizen. Also, the header says, THE Indian Shitizen. Not in plural. Those perhaps squirming at the word, need to look inside themselves


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